We love the Earth, we are a landscape

L'Empordà: a landscape

We are from here. We were born here, and we decide to live here. Is also where our grandfather, Lluís, decided to make his own wine. He imaginated our winery, and he found it. We make organic wine and we take care of biodiversity of this unique landscape. We respect the nature legacy. We act for the Planet, for our children.

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Our wines: a commitment

We know that we live and make wine in a precious area, next to three natural parcs. We know that we need our plants to grow in harmony in order to make a good wine. We have recovered local varieties, because these are the best adapted to the soils and the ones that need less water. A sustainable viticulture in order to face the climatic emergency.

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Organic Certificate

From the 2020 vintage all our wines have organic certificate. A milestone for twenty years of learning and commitment with our place.


Preservation of biodiversity and regeneration of soils are the main objective and why we practice a sustainable and respectful viticulture.

Dry stone

We have rebuilt more than 3.000 m of dry stone walls. Is a big bet for preservation of our landscape and the mediterranean ecosystem.

Local varieties

With varieties library from the old vines, we recovered local varieties and we found that they were the best adapted to the weather conditions of this area.

Cyclic nature

We take advantatge of the wise of nature in order to create wines in harmony. We plant a vegetable cover to regenarate soils. We listen to the Earth before making any decision.

Winemaking tradition

Eight generations of winemakers. This landscape is the most precious legacy that we inherited. To preserve it, is our objective.

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